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Direct Aid Program

Australia is pleased to support Mongolian organisations and communities to contribute to development, reduce poverty and promote people to people links between Australia and Mongolia through the Direct Aid Program (DAP).

DAP is an annual competitive flexible small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget.

Since 2003 DAP has assisted over 100 Mongolian organisations to implement more than 113 projects across a broad spectrum of social and economic sectors, including poverty reduction, health, agriculture, youth empowerment, gender and disability inclusiveness and other social and economic issues important to national and subnational development.

DAP is open to all not-for-profit community groups, non-governmental organisations, and other non-profit entities engaged in development activities in Mongolia.

General DAP Guidelines can be found here


Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2017-18

A record number of DAp applications have been received in 2017. The Embassy Selection expects to reach a decision after the Naadam break and inform successful applicants in August.

Please note that due to the large number of proposals received unsuccesssful applicants will not be notified. Please check back on this site frequently as all successful proposals will be listed here.


2016 – 2017 Selected DAP Projects


Project name: “Hope for the Future Project” (agriculture)

Implementing Organisation: Family Agricultural Resources Mongolia NGO (website:

Project description: This project will support 25 vulnerable female headed households in Uvurkhangai province to engage in vegetable production for sustainable livelihood and food security. 


Project name: Human Papilloma Virus in Mongolia (public health)

Implementing Organisation: National Cancer Council of Mongolia NGO (

Project description: The project will expand the collection of data on the impact of HPV vaccine on young girls of 19-20 years in Selenge and Umnugobi provinces. The activity will raise awareness and inform policy to help reduce or prevent cervical cancer in Mongolia 


Project name: “Improving Public Services through CheckMyService Mobile Application” (governance)

Implementing Organisation: Democracy Education Center NGO ( )

Project description: The project aims to improve transparent communications between citizens and Ulaanbaatar city administration to improve public services through piloting a new mobile application that enables feedback on service delivery.


Project name: “Providing Rights of Wellbeing and Playing Basketball to Local Youth Project”(sport)

Implementing Organisation: Trainer of Basketball B-TOBB Club NGO

Project description: The project will build basketball courts, provide sports clothing and equipment and establish basketball competitions for children from poor and vulnerable households in remote areas of Khentii province.   


Project name: “Expanding Paper Craft Production Using Wasted Newspapers Project” (disability inclusive income generation)

Implementing Organisation: Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users (

Project description: The project supports fifty mobility impaired women who use wheelchairs as well as women who have mobility-impaired children who use wheelchairs. The project will train these women in business management and develop skills in making items out of recycled newspapers, providing economic independence and sustainable income generation for their families..


Project name: “Partners for Protection Network Project” (domestic violence)

Implementing Organisation: National Center Against Violence NGO (

Project description: The project will strengthen the capacity of organisations and their staff members to better protect women and children from domestic violence. 


Project name: “Engage Future Stewards of Conservation by Developing a Junior Ranger Program in Gateway Communities of Lake Khuvsgul National Park Project” (environment)

Implementing Organisation: Mongol Ecology Center NGO (

Project description: The project will protect the environment in Khuvsgul National park through educating students from schools in Khatgal and Khankh villages and engaging them as “rangers”. The National Park is a strategically important water and biodiversity area in Mongolia.


Project name: “Greenways Waste and Recycling Education Center” (environment: waste management)

Implementing Organisation: Khangarid Rotary Club ( in partnership with KESAB Australian

Project description: The project will train teachers and students at School 9 and at the National Education University in Ulaanbaatar in environmental protection and recycling. Waste recycling centres will be built at both institutions.


Project name: “Establishment of the Classroom for Orientation in Surroundings at School for Visually Impaired and Blind Children” (disability)

Implementing Organisation:  School 116 for Visually Impaired and Blind Children Nationwide

Project description: The project will build a classroom at School 116 to teach blind children how to navigate when they walk around Ulaanbaatar. This special room will help improve safety for blind children.


Project name: “Enhancing the Capacity of Mongolian Scouts to Support Youth Project” (youth empowerment)

Implementing Organisation: The Scout Association of Australia (website:

Project description: The project will construct an open air shelter at the Mongolian Scout Camp Grounds in Mongolia and promote partnership between Australian and Mongolian scouts.


2017 – 18 DAP Grants

Applications for 2017 – 2018 DAP grants will be sought in June 2017. Advertisements will appear on this website as well as in the local press.