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Technical and Vocational Education

Cooperative Vocational Training in the Mineral Resource Sector


Project Fund: $4,950,000

Project Term: June 2014-June 2019

Project geographic coverage: South Gobi (Umnugovi) province

National and provincial beneficiaries: Umnugobi Polytechnical College in Dalanzadgad, South Govi province, Umnugobi Labour Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, youth and communities in South Gobi province  

Australia is pleased to support the local communities in South Gobi obtain high-quality trade skills that assist improve employment prospects.

Cooperative Vocational Training in the Mineral Resource Sector Project provides students at Umnugobi Polytechnic College in South Gobi with trade qualifications, develops curriculum and trains teachers to maintain the quality of the courses offered. Counselling is also provided to students to assist individuals plan their studies and guide students in their choice of career.

Within the project a close partnership has been formed between the Umnugobi Polytechnic College and Melbourne Polytechnic College. Staff from Melbourne are working with Umnugobi Polytechnic to design and teach curricula in selected trade qualifications.

For local unemployed community members who cannot enrol in a trade qualification, the Project offers short-courses to assist build the critical skills needed to transition back to work and maximise employment opportunities. These courses are delivered through the Polytechnic College in coordination with Umnugobi Labour Department.

To summarise, Phase I and II of the project consists of three components:

1. Formal Vocation Education

2. Short-term skills training

3. Career Guidance

Component 1 focuses on developing and piloting new competency based curricula in industrial mechanics, bricklaying and welding. Teachers are trained in the delivery of new curricula and the use of teaching equipment. New facilities, such as a welding room, have been provided to maximise practical learning opportunities. Phase II expands this to include heavy machine operations.

Component 2 provides short courses for unemployed men and women to provide the critical skills needed to return to employment. Working with the Umnugobi Labour Department, who refer eligible participants for training, short courses in welding, industrial electronics, interior design, heavy machinery operation, and occupational health and safety are conducted.  

Component 3 provides career guidance to help youth to choose vocations. This includes training career guidance counsellors and establishment and operation of a regular career guidance desk at Umnugobi Polytechnic College.

Phase I of the project also works with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to develop a framework for Vocational Education across Mongolia.

Australia is pleased to work with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH who implement this important project.

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