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Australian Alumni

One of the many benefits of studying in Australia is the eligibility to join the Australian Alumni Network when you return to Mongolia.

Mongolia has two Alumni organisations for returning graduates to join:

  1. The Global Alumni Network - is a virtual global network that has been created to connect, build and invigorate the international community of scholars who have studied in Australia and Australians who have studied overseas.

    This website supports alumni to continue building on educational and cultural experiences. It provides the opportunity to participate in ongoing personal and professional development and network with other alumni.

    It includes content of general interest to alumni such as news articles, public events and alumni stories. These could come from the Australian Government, academic institutions, industry experts, businesses or alumni themselves.

  2. The Mongolia - Australia Society, better known as “the Mozzies”.  The Mozzies comprises Mongolians have lived, worked or studied in Australia. Mozzies feature prominently in all aspects of Mongolian society, including the public sector, private enterprise and non-governmental organizations.


    The Society’s promotes co-operation and friendship between Mongolia and Australia through strengthening people-to-people, private sector and institutional linkages between the two countries.


The Embassy strongly encourages Mongolian alumni who have studied in Australia to register themselves with the Australian Global Alumni Network. Joining is free and will allow graduates to join a community of over 2.5 million overseas students that have studied in Australia in the last fifty years from around the world. Further information about Australian Global Alumni Network is available at


We also encourage the alumni to get connected with the “Mozzies”. Graduates may also like to join the Mozzies and participate in the range of activities organised through this alumni organisation, also supported by the Australian Embassy in Mongolia. Further information about Mozzies association is available at


The Mongolian Chapter of the Australian Law Council was successfully launched on 5 July, 2018. We encourage all Australian law alumni to join the Mongolian chapter of the Australian Law Council and contribute to enhancing ties between Mongolia and Australia. If you have a legal qualification from Australia, or are a lawyer who would like to join as a friend of Australia, please contact Sebastian Rosholt at for registration details. Further information about Australian Law Council is available at


We also encourage the alumni to apply for our Women’s Leadership Program. Women’s Leadership Program commenced in late 2014 and is designed to assist female Australia Award graduates to improve their personal leadership, communication and organisational skills. The program is open annually to both men (male champions) and women on a competitive selection basis. It comprises a mix of formal training, mentoring, networking and practical project implementation to build skills, confidence and networks. Further more information on the Women’s Leadership Program can be found here.

Benefits of Joining the Alumni

Strong and enthusiastic local alumni networks, working alongside and with the Australian embassy, open up opportunities for alumni to:

  • remain connected to each other through face-to-face activities and an online social media platform
  • form new personal and professional networks
  • access ongoing local, regional and global opportunities for networking and professional development
  • play an ongoing role in the implementation of scholarships
  • remain connected to the Australia.

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