Australian Embassy

Ten organisations received DAP 2017-2018 funding

Ulaanbaatar.  Eleven out of well over 500 applicants for Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) will receive the funding from the DAP fund for Mongolia totaling AUD240 thousand 2017 and 2018. The focus areas for DAP include youth development, human rights, education, income generation, health and combating domestic violence. 

“DAP is an annual small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget. It works with Mongolian CSOs on projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. The program is founded on a set of principles which advance development outcomes through projects focused on practical and tangible results” said Mr John Langtry, Australian Ambassador to Mongolia.

The following organisations will implement activities, such as:

  1. The National Cancer Council of Mongolia will conduct research in five regions on awareness and attitude about HPV and HPV vaccine and design communicative materials to positively influence on girls and women to prevent HPV caused disorders and cervical cancer.
  2. Children’s Department of the Army Central Hospital admits 4,000 children per year.  With DAP funding, the hospital’s conditions will improve and staff will be trained to provide better medical services and environment for patient children.
  3. Sukhbaatar Province Central Hospital’s Emergency team will improve their medical skills through professional emergency trainings by specialists from Ulaanbaatar.
  4. Strong Club will implement a project called “Strong Boys to train school boys to be advocates for non-violent behaviours.
  5. National Center against Violence will renovate shelter for victims of domestic violence in Bayangol district and provide skills based training for victims.
  6. FARM NGO will teach leather processing skills to 27 herder families (affected by dzud) in Uvurkhangai province to increase their income.
  7. Khangarid Rotary Club and Australian KESAB Environmental Solutions NGO will implement “Magic Bricks” to teach 20 single mothers in Tsagaan Davaa landfill and the Nalailkh District to produce fuel bricks from recycled card paper wastes.  
  8. The Mongolian National Federation of the Blind will publish textbooks and fairy books for approximately 850 blind and visually impaired children.
  9. LGBT Centre of Mongolia will host a conference related to LGBTI people’s health and conduct trainings for regional health workers.
  10. Mongolian Amateur Cricket Association will engage approx. 2,000 children aged between 8 and 16 in cricket sports to support their fitness and growth.