Australian Embassy

Eight organisations received Direct Aid Program Funding for FY 2018-19

Ulaanbaatar. Eight out of 197 applicants for Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) will receive small grants in 2018-2019.  These successful applicants represent a wide range of organisations from central to local levels focusing on health and emergency services, human rights and youth development through sport.

The successful eight organisations will implement the following activities: 

  1. The National Emergency Management Agency will pioneer the establishment of volunteer firefighting groups in the soums of Selenge and Khentii provinces and provide training and tools and equipment. 
  2. MDG-1, the Collaborating Centre on Emergency, Essential Surgical Care at the National University of Medical Sciences will train local doctors and nurses at Khanbogd InterSoum Hospital, Umnugovi Province in emergency surgical, trauma and obstetric cases.  The project will contribute to the Integrated Support Program for Health of People in Umnugovi, an innovative Public Private Partnership between the Australian Embassy, UNFPA, WHO, UNICEF, the Oyu Tolgoi Gobiin-Oyu Fund, Mongolian national and local government agencies and NGOs.
  3. A project by the Department of Health of Umnugovi Province will improve access to mobile primary health services to residents in Khanbogd and Khurmen soums.  Ultrasound imaging, electrocardiography, blood pressure monitoring and rapid tests will be made to screen for common diseases and promote maternal and child health. This project also forms a component of the Integrated Support Program for Health of People in Umnugovi.
  4. The Mongolian Gender Equality Centre will train social workers, health professionals and police officers in Orkhon and Selenge provinces to assist a coordinated fight against gender-based violence and deliver comprehensive assistance to victims of the crimes.
  5. The Central Hospital of Khuvsgul Province will implement a project to reduce the incidence of child burns by increasing awareness of parents and public and increase access and quality of emergency health services for children with burns through training for doctors and nurses.
  6. The project will ensure that 2200 residents of the Durvuljin soum in Zavkhan province will no longer need to travel to the provincial centre or the capital city for basic medical tests.  The hospital in the soum will be able to provide general blood and urine analysis and a neonatal bed for infants. 
  7. The LGBTI Centre will implement comprehensive advocacy campaigns aimed at ending discrimination against minorities based on sexual preference.
  8. Noyon Sports Club will establish volleyball courses at six secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar for 120 children with a disability and from disadvantaged families. The club will train 18 teachers in tools and approaches for working with children with special needs.