Australian Embassy

Australia shares disability inclusiveness policy and practices with Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar.  The Australian Government is committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in developing countries. To this end, DFAT’s disability strategy Development for All 2015-2020 is being implemented through the Australian aid program and diplomatic efforts. Australia supports the participation and leadership of people with disabilities in the aid program, consistent with the central principle of the disability rights movement ‘nothing about us without us.’ This means working towards including people with disability and disabled persons organisations in all development in a genuine manner.

In collaboration with Mongolian Disabled Persons Organisations, representatives from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs Disability Section and technical partners CBM Australia are conducting a Disability Inclusion workshop in Best Western Tuushin hotel, Ulaanbaatar on Friday 10 November.  Participants will include recipients of Australia’s Direct Aid Program, a small grants program working with local communities on projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development and organisations hosting Australian Volunteers for International Development. The rights based approach to disability-inclusive development, grounded in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and tools and approaches to achieving more inclusive programs will be explored.  We will then hear directly about disability from Mongolian leaders of the disability movement, and have the opportunity to ask questions about disability in Mongolia. 


10 November 2017