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Mongolia launches 1st Geological System

Ulaanbaatar. On 18 August 2017, the Mineral Resource and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia (MRPAM) launched Mongolia’s first Geological Metadata Catalogue System (MonGeoCat) with financial and technical support from the Australian Government.

MonGeoCat provides easy and transparent public access to metadata on geological information and products stored and managed by the MRPAM. This system was developed by experts from Mongolia with technical support from Geoscience Australia. “Australia was able to attract high quality foreign and domestic investment in geological sector by making our geoscience data available to public. The system expanded opportunities for Australia to effectively leverage its mineral resources for our country’s economic growth. We are pleased that Australia was able to share its best practices with Mongolia” said Mr John Langtry, Australia’s Ambassador to Mongolia.

The Mongolian Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry and MRPAM’s mission is to establish Mongolia’s national geoscience database. “In alignment with our long-term goal, we are happy that the MonGeoCat system was developed with the support of the Australian Government funded Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program. This system is in-line with international good practice and will be available in the 4th quarter of 2017” said Mr Baatartsogt, Chairman of the MRPAM. Since 2015, the Government of Australia has been funding Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program with AUD4 million as a part of Australia Aid program. 

By the end of 2017, public can access MonGeoCat system by entering and sites.